BlogHer14, Selfies, and Captured Moments

Posted by on July 28, 2014 in Life as I know it | 0 Snarky Comments

Once again the Boss-Lady dragged my ass out to BlogHer’14.  Can you say SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA?  WHOOOOT!

Whooping and hollering we made like Thelma & Louise and headed west for the vacation of a lifetime.  Well, of the year – maybe; there were no cabana boys – and no beach – but there was a pool!  Does that count?

Anyways.  Like I was saying, BlogHer14.  We met up with her “bestest friend” as Jeanne would say.  It was refreshing to be surrounded (teeheee!) by chronic over-sharers with no sense of filter. Everyone is on some meds or another, they’re all weird or crazy, and they’re all – well, mostly all – absolutely wonderful.

Did you know Boss-Lady was speaking?  She rocked it.  Hard.  We both walked away from that session feeling like rock stars; the feeling continued through the weekend as people kept coming by to gush about her talk and ask more questions. 

There’s something about a being in a room with 4000 other women.  I spied on her while she was people-watching with the girls.  She’s lonely.  I don’t think she knows that I know, but I know. 

She watched as couples danced the night away or joined lively conversations amongst peers and strangers alike.  He’s not big on crowds, Himself is, and he’s not so great at chit-chat either.  She didn’t say it out loud, but I can tell she’s a wee bit jealous.

Jealous and lonely she may feel, that did not stop her from laughing.  With an infectious joie-de-vivre she laughed with abandon, not caring what people thought.  Come as you are – the BlogHer community is wonderful for that.  Be yourself.  Celebrate yourself.  Embrace your uniqueness.  I hope she’ll continue to be her exuberant self, no matter who’s watching or what they think.

When she wasn’t Selfibrating with fun selfies she hid behind the camera and captured moments. I’d show you my selfie but I could never get the lighting right. 

So we ride the high’s and brave the low’s, and tomorrow is another day.  Not a BlogHer day, but just another day.  Just another day filled with kiddie laughter and tears, poopy diapers and client letters, and maybe a few discreet selfies.