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Uterus  /ˈyo͞odərəs/

Mildly bitter, overworked and severely underappreciated.  Herself hasn’t given up on me yet, so I begrudgingly put up with the weird neighbors.

We live near the pelvic floor, a weakening structure that needs much repair.

I’m back after a long hiatus sans womb wifi.   The new look feels like a rebirth, and it made me so happy I shed tears of blood! (ok I’ll stop with the puns – maybe).

Funniest. Shit. Ever.

Also referred to as The Time The Internet Forgot I’m A Uterus. The comments? Pure gold. Treat yourself, you deserve the laughs.

Cracking foundations and leaky basements

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Oh yes, the rumors are true.  I’s is a goin’ to that fresh hell called Blogher’13 with 5000 other bitter uteruses (uteries?).  I can just imagine the chatter I’ll hear from an overworked and underpaid bunch (I don’t mean the bloggers – I mean you!).  I’m packing up my droopy self along with a healthy stash of Advil, a good dose of humour and maybe even some business cards!  That’s right – the Boss-Lady has decided that it’s time to start pimping out this blog.

Though I’m sure the pay is better than the ravage the 3 squatters left behind the rewards surely won’t be as great.  But still, this is exciting news for us.

She has plans, Herself has!  She was talking on the phone the other day, and mentioned building this thing up to be a platform for women’s health awareness issues.  I just hope they won’t need to come in for a photoshoot… how awkward!

Change the Cycle is coming back to the expo hall this year and I’m hoping we get a fuzzy uterus to bring home.  Just ’cause.  Last year Boss-Lady met with Vicky Iovine (now there’s someone’s uterus I’d like to have a coffee date with!!!!) of the famed ‘Girlfriend’s Guide to…” series.  I’m hoping she comes back…. And maybe even hoping she’ll agree to lend her uterus a voice.

They’ve promised us wifi – I’m not sure how great the reception will be in here but I’ll be trying!  There has been mention of wine (always a good thing), food (salty, chocolaty, and otherwise sinful please!), fashion (I may need help there…).

There’s this great session called ‘the LIST and how to get on it’ – Is there such as thing as “The Great Big Uteri List? I hope Herself makes it.  She’s got an 1-on-1 with Dr. Cutie – um – Dr. Stork from The Doctors and maybe a photo-op?

So long as no ones gets any Poise Cooling Wipes near me…. I think it’ll be a good time!  I’ll be posting updates on Twitter when I can (seriously, the wifi in here sucks) but I hope you’ll follow me on this journey!

Are you going?  Wanting to go?  Have gone before?  Tips? Tricks? Survival guides?  Or do you have #pissyourpantsfunny story to share?  Let’s here it!

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