Welcome to my world!

Posted by on April 6, 2013 in Life as I know it | 0 Snarky Comments

I’m old.  I’m tired.

I’ve had a few squatters come through and it seems they never want to leave.  The place wouldn’t pass a building inspection – the pelvic floor is all but ruined – and the neighbors are weird.  I’ve been kicked, poked, prodded and generally abused by Boss-Lady and aliens alike.

I build a nice home and each month some bitch comes along and destroys it unless a squatter shows up before she does.

Just when I start getting used to the intruder the goons cut me open and pull the thing out of my once-cozy abode.  Then they try to ‘fix’ me.  <snort> I now sport a perma-smile, ‘Joker’-style.  Cheese!

I hear them talking sometimes during their ‘private meetings’.  There may be more.

I’m sad, and droopy.  There’s nothing firm left on me.

There might be a labor dispute in the making; the working conditions are dismal and the pay is non-existent.  Either that or I’ll swallow my pride and kiss-ass to the Boss-Lady.  Whatever.

Look.  It’s not pretty in here right now.  Scars and vandalism will do that to you.  I’m bitter.  and cold.  Somehow those squatters manage to warm up the place a bit.

Drink up ladies, it’s downhill from here!